Large Luxury Chinese Golden Prosperity Scroll (40.5cm x 78cm)

$ 18.50

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*New designs have arrived for 2020 celebrations*  Large Luxury Chinese Golden Prosperity Scroll.  Stocks now getting low - less than 100 now available.

Stunning hanging decorations to bring good luck and good fortune. 

Shiny/metallic gold scroll with red velvet, metallic gold Chinese characters and designs, coloured glitter decoration.  Back and sides of scroll feature embossed metallic gold with traditional Chinese decorations of flowers and longevity characters.

Random design will be sent (see example pictures here on product listing).  Stock currently in our warehouse include designs of fish, ingots, coins, 

Chinese characters with blessings for New Year to wish luck, good fortune, happiness.

Size:  40.5cm wide x 78cm long.