Candle Bag - Candle Bags (Plain) - 10 Pack white

Candle Bags (Plain) - 10 pack

Candle Bags (Plain) - 10 pack

Candle Bags (Plain) - 10 pack


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Illuminate your pathways and gardens at your next event!

Small size - plain design in 6 colours

Candle Bag - 15 x 10 x 7cm (pack of 10) - note:  Lighting sold separately

Perfect for weddings and parties! Made with fire-retardant paper, but we recommend USE LED TEALIGHT with this product for safety reasons. This way you can also use over and over again! Place in garden or on tables, and weigh down with sand or stones, add your LED tealight candle!

Illuminate gardens, pathways, driveways or use as table lighting!