10m Festoon Light String - Bright White bulb - AUTUMN SALE

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*SAVE 20% ON OUR BRIGHT WHITE FESTOON LIGHTS FOR AUTUMN EVENTS*  Simple, easy to install, economical and safe low voltage (24v) way of lighting up your event

 Custom designed festoon light string by the team at lanternshop.com.au to suit our huge range of lanterns up to 60cm in diametre. Bright White festoon light string perfect for enhancing those bright colourful lanterns at a party. Also available in a Warm white festoon light string perfect for those romantic events such as weddings, anniversaries etc

Simple, easy to install, economical and safe low voltage (24v) way of lighting up your event.  Each festoon light string is 10m long.

Globes are spaced 1m apart to accommodate lanterns up to 60cm in diameter (Suggested 35cm)

Connect up to 5 sets festoon Light strings together with one transformer (Up to 50m long).  Includes removable transformer 240v – 24v with each festoon light string set.    Specially designed hook above the festoons to attach to a support rope.  A 3m electrical tail at the transformer end of the festoon light string. 

Note:  These festoons are not commercial grade, the bulbs do not unscrew and are not replaceable.  Power plug is manufactured to suit Australian power points only.

For use indoors or outdoors (Transformer must be kept dry at all times)

Bright white to enhance the colour of the brighter more colourful lanterns available.

Light bulbs are waterproof and suitable for outdoor use, however electrical plug must be kept under cover/away from rain.   We recommend hanging a support rope first, and attaching the lights (via the loop above light - see images) to your support rope.  This will keep the light string hanging taut without stretching/damaging the componentry.  Individual lighting does not unscrew and globes cannot be changed/replaced.

 Not all lantern styles have the same hooks/hanging attachment so fishing line/string/cable ties etc. may be required to hang your lanterns in the desired position.  **we will include 10 x cable ties with your light string if purchasing lanterns also**