Large Chinese Lanterns (red/gold) - 4 pack (43cm diametre)

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Product Description

Medium size.  Incredibly beautiful traditional red Chinese fabric lanterns - red fabric lantern with metallic gold trims and decorative tassel tail.  Pack of 4 quality Chinese lanterns for events, festivals and lunar new year.

Vibrant red fabric, with decorative top and bottom golden plates with imprinted images of fish and Chinese characters for good luck.  Decorative fringes and tassel tail with feature golden pendant tail decoration.  (also available in Massive size)

Sturdy metal vertical frame, easy to open and assemble (see instructions).  Can be easily disassembled back to tube shape for easy storage between events.

We recommend hanging these lanterns indoors or under cover to keep them looking at their vibrant best for long term use.

 Size: Lantern 45cm diametre when opened

height from top of gold plate to bottom gold plate 33cm

height from top of gold plate to bottom of tassel tail  64cm

total total height including metal from 85cm

Length of tube lantern before opening (storage/shipped length) 52cm long, 9cm wide

Due to the large size of this lantern we recommend illuminating with our battery operated Warm White Globe Light (waterproof lantern lighting) for your event.  

Stunning decorations for Chinese New Year and festivals! 

For this massive size lantern we recommend our brightest lantern lights - the warm white globe light or the remote control 12 globe lantern light.